story summary

#STATUSPENINDG (aka STATUS PENDING) is an improvised-dialogue "mumblecore" romantic-dramedy feature film, in the vein of Linklater's BEFORE SUNRISE and Shelton's HUMPDAY. It examines what happens to a culture in which so many struggle to live up to standards of perfect Facebook profiles. True to the theme, the project is also a transmedia experience; you can chat with the characters online after the film, or even during it...


Lizzie seems like a spontaneous, spunky baking-blogger millennial enjoying a lazy Sunday with her long-term Tinder guy Ryan in Wellington, New Zealand. But secretly, Lizzie is in crisis; she is so overwhelmed by comparing herself to her social media circle, (where everyone seems to have found a perfect balance between stability and freedom) that she's become frozen.

That all changes when Lizzie discovers an amazing deal on Ryan's start-up site that expires today: a year-long trip around the world that leaves in just two weeks. Lizzie would love to take it, but it'd mean dropping everything, including Ryan.  

In a light-hearted attempt to help her choose, Lizzie and Ryan act out her long list of life goals, growing closer.  


But as social media judgements chime in and the clock ticks down, they are forced to get real about what they really want and who they really are, to help Lizzie finally decide her fate: will she finally commit to a baking career and relationship with Ryan, or hit refresh on her life by taking the trip?