transmedia experience

In #StatusPending, the characters look to their social circle for guidance – that's you! 


Instead of doing this all with VFX in post, we built a real-life community for Lizzie and Ryan, on Twitter and Facebook. They live forever in the day the movie takes place, at the links below.

Chat with them now; they're looking for your advice!  Also, make sure to stay connected to the film itself...


  • Lizzie on Facebook
  • Angie on Twitter


  • Ryan Nevin on Facebook
  • HeyItsRyanNevin on Twitter


  • Angie on Facebook
  • Angie on Twitter


  • Blake on Twitter chillinbro4ever

Ryan's Dad

  • Ryan's Dad on Twitter

The Movie

  • STATUS PENDING The Film On Facebook
  • StatusPendingNZ on Twitter